Tracking Email Opens and Clicks

Cold emailing is a great way to reach out to potential leads, but it can be difficult to track the success of your efforts. One important metric to consider is email open and click rates. However, this data can be misleading, because as of last year, Apple and Google open every email that hits your inbox. This means that if someone opens your email, it will count as an open even if they don’t actually read it. 

Don't track email opens and clicks

First thing to do is to stop using click tracking in your outbound emails. The reason that click tracking is bogus is because of the way that Apple and Google have changed how email works.

Using a pixel to track your opens and clicks will tank your deliverability. Previously, when someone opened an email, the sender would receive notification that the email had been opened. However, with the new system, Apple and Google simply check to see if the email has been loaded, regardless of whether or not it has been opened.

As a result, many people are seeing high open rates, but low reply rates, because their recipients are not actually opening the emails. This can be damaging to your reputation with Google, and can lead to your emails being classified as spam.

With Site Sonar’s link tagging feature you no longer need to include a pixel to track email opens and clicks. Instead remove the pixel to help your email deliverability and use a dynamic URL tag that will capture when that specific person clicks on the link in the email you sent. Once they do Site Sonar will detect them on your company website and send you an email or slack alert letting you know they are there. 

In that alert we include a link to the session recording of what that user looked at on your website as well as details about how long they were on each page.

With this information sent to you as soon as it is happening you can then time your call step in the sequence by reaching out to them as you normally would have. 

By combining this information with the timing of your call you hit the perfect trifecta of effective outreach, you nail the right message, with the right person at the right time. 

In addition to all of this, you will be armed with an understanding of what they viewed on your site, which parts of the page were interesting to them and you will know how to engage them with the proper questions to open up the conversation based on the content they viewied. 

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If you are experiencing high email opens and low responses then get started with Site Sonar today! We fix your outreach signals and get you back to connecting with more people to book more demos. 

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